Fr 15 Dez 2023
20:00 Uhr

"Videogame Tour"

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TALCO, the most important and well known Italian punk-rock band of our times can look back on a history of over 18 years, eight studio albums, uncountable sold-out club shows and intense festival appearances all over Europe. 

It is the highly infectious punkchanka style, a progressive blend of punk-rock, folk-, latin- and ska-music, i.e. TALCO’s trademark, that makes sure people across Europe dance themselves mental. 

However, TALCO is far more than just a fun-spreading party-band. Their lyrics dive deep into existential human questions like the concept of truth, human degradation and self-worth. Further, TALCO constantly broaches the issue of political drawbacks and social failures – a result of a degraded social development in nowadays modern society.

TALCO is an international punk-rock band infused with brass, folk, and latin elements that raises its voice and jolts entire Europe with their music and their message!


Bei Musikveranstaltungen im Waschhaus Potsdam stehen hörgeschädigten Menschen Feelbelts zur Verfügung. Diese Gürtel wurden entwickelt, um Audiosignale durch vibrierende Impulsgeber auf den Körper zu übertragen. So können Töne über den Tastsinn wahrgenommen werden. Meldet euch einfach per E-Mail unter [email protected] an und wir reservieren den passenden Feelbelt für euch!

Vorverkauf: 28,00 € (zzgl. Geb.)
Abendkasse: 35,00 €
Einlass: 19:00 Uhr
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